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studio editoriale associatoFrancesca Giannelli

After high school, Francesca Giannelli worked in London for six years as a designer and art director for several agencies and publishers.

studio editoriale associatoIn this way, she gained experience ranging from corporate image, advertising, marketing, layout and designing below-the-line material to newspaper and brand research.

She returned to Milan in 2000 and worked with various studios and agencies (SEC, Business press, Well Done, J&J, Jesurum) following clients such as Kodak, Phillips, Packard Bell, Lexmark, Dove, Coccolino, Mentadent, Cif, Lysoform, Obiettivo Lavoro and Axe.

In 2002-2003, she was the art director responsible for the image of the wine association Unione Italiana Vini.

At the same time, she has continued her training with a degree course in Public Relations and Advertising at IULM.

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